Kinesiology for Emotional Health

With Kinesiology we can look at the following:

  • What is the underlying root of how you are feeling? 
  • What could be the reasons? Is it physical, mental, emotional? A combination? 
  • What do you need energetically to feel able to cope?
  • What managable changes you can make to your life and your lifestyle? 
  • What can you do to control your stress?

Emotional Health is Vital to Wellbeing  

To ‘be healthy’, we might need to look further than our diets and life style. Our emotional state plays a vital role in how our bodies are able to maintain balance. 

Emotions are the complex reactions the body has to external or internal stimuli. We can have an emotional response to something that we think. For example, when we are afraid of something, our heart rates quicken, our mouths become dry, our skin turns pale and our muscles contract. This reaction occurs automatically and unconsciously. 

When Emotions become difficult  

Inspite of the intensity of our emotional experience, we are not always that well equipped to deal with them. In fact many of us grew up with misguided advise on how to respond to our emotions. We are taught that some emotions are attractive and desirable and some are not appropriate.  We are often socialised to either mask our true emotions or even to show false emotions. With enough practise, we become experts at stuffing, ignoring and misidentifying our emotions. We choose a couple of safe ones and stick with them.   

And when this happens, somewhere in our being we experience a loss of who we would be if we could just be our true selves.  

Working with the energy of emotions with Kinesiology

Emotion is experienced energetically in the body. When channelled well it becomes a source of great truth, wisdom and strength.  

With Kinesiology we work with body’s meridian energy system to release frozen emotions, stress and trauma locked away, freeing up resources needed to maintain wellness. As we take the time to listen to the wisdom of our bodies, we reconnect to and make peace with our emotional experiences. 

“I’m not even sure exactly what is different. I just feel better.”


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