Kinesiology for Digestion 

A poorly functioning digestive system is a prevalent problem in modern society, and it can be complex and difficult to resolve. In some cases, the possible medical causes have all been ruled out but we still have symptoms. With so many special diet and lifestyle options available, how do you know which one will help?

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to pinpoint exactly what you need in your circumstances, which might not be what works for someone else.

What can cause poor digestion

It’s not the same for everyone… Digestion is such an important function of the body. When the digestive system is out of balance, you may suffer from symptoms such as bloating, wind, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea, sometimes all of them. And there are knock on effects in mood, confidence, energy levels and your immune system.  But why do we have problems digesting?

There could be many contributing factors to consider:

Food Quality

When food is produced to maximise quantity, minimise price and offer convenience, something has to be sacrificed. Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s goodness. Don’t get me started on this – it’s a whole essay – but in short the body likes goodness and it doesn’t always get it.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

An allergy or an intolerance from a Kinesiology perspective covers any substance which causes an unexpected response in your meridian energy system. For example, a toxin gets treated as a friend or a nutrient gets filtered like a toxin. If we are consuming something (It’s often that one thing we really crave) that is energetically stressful, our bodies can’t respond appropriately. People are increasingly reporting sensitivities to gluten and dairy, but other surprising things can turn up, for example plastics and unfiltered tap water.

Health Kinesiology is not about identifying allergies so that you can avoid those things, it is about retuning the body’s response to the items that it is struggling with to improve your health.  

Stress can inhibit digestion

Our brilliant nervous system is designed to shut down digestion when we anticipate danger, which is ideal when you need to run away from wolves, but not when it’s daily stress. Life can feel stressful and these days danger can come in the form of an unkind work colleague. Unfortunately our nervous system hasn’t adapted yet and so we need to find ways to work with our flight and fright responses.

Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites and Viruses

Our digestion is a complex system that relies on the correct mix of body chemicals, enzymes and bacteria to function optimally. When there are trespassers to the system, they disrupt the balance and cause strain.

Digestion and emotions

The effect of emotions on digestion is demonstrated by our children, who develop stomach aches when things aren’t going well. Food can be emotional. We celebrate with food. We suffer with food. We indulge ourselves. We deprive ourselves. We lose our appetite when something is just not right. We binge when our hunger is never satisfied. Our digestive system participates in our emotional experiences.

Rules & Habit

So many rules! How were you taught to behave around food? And is that true to your personality? Do you follow a strict routine? Do you eat when you’re hungry? Do you eat salad for breakfast because that’s what you fancy? Are you a meat, carbs and two veg kind of person? Do you always choose chocolate ice cream for desert? Are we listening to our bodies or are we living by our rules and habits?

It could be one of these things, a few of these things or none of these things impacting your digestion. It could be living in a polluted environment, too many EMF’s, toxicity of some sort, or any number of things. Each person is unique and so are their circumstances and their response to those circumstances. There is no single answer that will work for everyone but there are tools available that can help. With Health Kinesiology, we can identify exactly what it is you need (nutrition, supplements, exercise, meditation, sleep etc.), in what quantity and how long you need it for in order to improve your digestive health.


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