Allergy Work with Kinesiology

Online Kinesiology Sessions

My online Kinesiology sessions are specially formatted to offer the same powerful results that are achieved during in-person sessions.

If you have ever had a kinesiology balance, it would be reasonable to doubt an online appointment was even possible. 

So how does it work?  

Everything is energy.  Thoughts, emotions, physical pain are all energy frequencies vibrating at different levels.  This is at the core of what I do, I activate a challenging frequency within you and “retune” it. 

We’re all connected energetically. This may sound woo-woo but consider that the famous psychologist Jung, in 1916, introduced to us the concept of one collective unconsciousness and how we are all connected. He was not the first person to speak about interconnectedness; the connectedness of everything forms the basis of many ancient spiritual philosophies. But he started a conversation and since then, people from both spiritual and quantum physics groups have experimented with and written about our connection from an energetic perspective.

This in itself could be an entire thesis, but in the meantime, considering that we are all part of one giant energetically connected organism, I can access your energetic field and have access to the information of your body systems, mindset and emotional health.

You may have experienced this without even realising it. Perhaps you are empathetic? Perhaps you have the ability to feel other people’s moods as they walk down the passage or open the door? Perhaps you can feel a collective energy when you are at a performance or sports event.  Perhaps you instinctively know when your pet needs to go outside? Perhaps you have experienced the sacredness of a spiritual ceremony. These are all examples of us tapping into an energy that is not just ours. We all do it.   


Surrogating is an interesting technique used by Kinesiologists. It’s where we setup someone whose energy system will mirror the energy system when we cannot muscle test on the subject. As we work on the surrogate, the work is simultaneously happening on the patient. In fact, the first Kinesiologist I ever saw ended up as the live in Kinesiologist at a successful horse racing yard.  A kinesiologist can treat pets, babies, disabled people and people who are seriously ill using surrogating. It’s a well practised, certified and trusted technique. 

The great thing about surrogating is that we can do it when the person is not actually present and the kinesiologist can use themselves to surrogate for the client.  From long before lockdown, I have been receiving remote Kinesiology sessions from my Kinesiologist. They have been powerful and transformational  and I learnt pretty quickly to keep my schedule gentle afterwards.   

What Happens in a Session? 

I get the same insights as I do when muscle testing in person, regardless of whether you are physically next to me or not.   

I’ll locate the factors out of balance (hormones, muscles, organs, chakras, meridians), we will start balancing the root causes (using acupressure, specific mind and body techniques, diet, supplementation, energetic cleanse, mindset shift, lifestyle improvement).    

Everyone feels different after a session but most likely you will feel more grounded, clear and centered in yourself.  Once the body is energetically in balance, it’s own natural healing ability is stimulated and you will notice improvements in your symptoms. 

From My Perspective

As a healer, I want to be in contact with the people I am working with. I felt real grief when lock down happened and things had to move online. But every challenge contains a gift, and the gift of this is that I have had a much more real experience of the energy that is at work when a session is happening. When I am in person – I am socially engaged with the person and that took up a piece of my awareness that I no longer needed for in person socialisation. I became more intune and more aware that what I was feeling was now simply the energy of the corrections.

I found that my sessions worked deeper and I was really pleased with the results. It has restored my wonder of being human and my fascination for the mysteriousness of life. 

I had three sessions online with Charlotte. We corrected a whole range of things and then suddenly one day, I stopped smoking. Just like that!


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Where to get a treatment

Online sessions can be booked in November and In-person sessions can be booked under certain circumstances according to Govt guidelines.


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