Allergy Work with Kinesiology

Kinesiology for Allergies & Intolerances

Allergies are at the root of many frustrating symptoms; digestive, skin reactions, hay fever to name a few. With Kinesiology muscle testing techniques, we can work out,

  • What food or other substances does your body energetically reject?
  • What health kinesiology technique is needed in order to fix it?
  • What can you expect after it has been fixed?
  • What is the best way to reintroduce this substance / food?

Correcting Allergies with Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a powerful tool that can help you identify and correct food and other allergies and tolerance problems. I use muscle testing and acupuncture point balancing to identify and correct allergy problems. This way, perhaps after a temporary exclusion period, you can go on to experience what previously caused problems and no longer have a reaction.

Using Kinesiology for allergies, we look at the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the symptoms you experience. We clear psychological stresses which may be aggravating your symptoms and we strengthen your energy system so it is equipped to interact with substances you come into contact with in daily life.

What is an Allergy?

The Kinesiology definition of an allergy is when a substance leads to a disturbance in the body’s natural flow and balance of the meridian energy.

A tolerance concern is different to an allergy. A Tolerance level is the limit to how much of a substance a body can handle at any given time on a good day. This varies according to many factors including stress levels, how busy your immune system is and more. This explains why hangovers are usually not so bad when you’re on holiday.

Allergy Symptoms

In Kinesiology, allergy work often comes into the process of dealing with the obvious symptoms, for example, anaphylactic shock, excema, digestive disturbances etc. But they can also come up when treating anxiety, addictions, insomnia, brain fog, fatigue, and many more seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Is exclusion the answer?

Sometime it is not enough to simply know what it is you are allergic to and avoid consuming those things.

  • Some of the things we are allergic to are unavoidable, for example pollens and moulds.
  • Following an exclusion based diet can be difficult.
  • It’s sad when we have to exclude our favourite thing.
  • If we’re not careful, exclusion can lead to a limited and unvaried diet.
  • When there are underlying psychological problems or electromagnetic disturbances in the body, a person can experience temporary benefits from dietary changes but the symptoms come back and retesting can show new allergies.

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