Navigating the edge: How do we create the world that we want to see?  

Many of us have been feeling that humanity cannot go on as it has been. We have looked around us at everything that is happening and wondered – when will it stop? How often have we stopped and felt deeply uneasy about how things are? How often have we wondered how things will change? Lockdown has done it, even if temporarily.

I love how much I am hearing people express that things cannot go back to business as normal.  Let’s make it business as unnormal!  What are you feeling drawn to do? 

Let’s do some work and make it happen! I’ve been working on a little project for a while… 

Energy techniques to get you on your path

This transformational work originally began as a project to use energy techniques to remove any physical, mental, emotional, ancestral and spiritual blocks that stood in the way of joy manifesting in someone’s life.

The more I have worked with it and tested it; I have seen something very valuable happening.

Changing perspectives

We deal with the most pressing needs of survival and as we explore survival and what it means personally, the definition changes. What do you really need in order to feel like you are surviving? What are you compromising in order to survive? 

Removing energetic blockages

The flow of opportunities to live a connected, fulfilling life are increased by removing energetic blockages. These blockages come from experiences that we are protecting ourselves from, suppressed emotions, learnt behaviour and ancestral patterns.

Stopping energy drains

Energy drains and energy leaks need to be addressed. This is brave and deep work which often involves how we set our boundaries and how we relate in our closest relationships with family and partners.

Changing behaviour

Finally feel empowered to change unhealthy habits and replace them with nourishing activities.

Practise authenticity

It became easier to face reality and respond authentically in situations, giving up roles learnt from early childhood, even when it wasn’t comfortable to do so.

A second chance

Areas of life that were previously neglected because they had caused too much pain were gently and lovingly given another chance.

New & exciting potential

‘Edge’ moments were created where risks needed to be taken to take advantage of new potential.

Discover your deepest desires

The layers that stood in the way of the heart’s deepest desires peeled away.

Connecting with the heart brings renewal is for those who feel tired and distracted by 21st century living and are searching for a life of presence and meaning.  This process can take as long as it needs. No authentic cycle of growth is a quick-fix. It starts with making a commitment with oneself, already an alchemical act of love.

Contact me to sign up and for more information. 


“I feel so much more confident and I have done so much with that. My life feels colourful and full of potential.”


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